Meditation Music: An Invitation to Still the Mind and Open the Heart

"Music bypasses the conceptual mind. Music does not give you food for thought..."
—Eckhart Tolle

Meditation is a method for synchronizing body and mind in the present moment. When our body and mind are in sync, we are naturally relaxed, alert, open, and aware. Listening to certain forms of music may be one of the most immediate ways for us to enter this meditative state. Meditation Music: An Invitation to Still the Mind and Open the Heart brings you nine tracks chosen from our family of artists who are especially talented at creating compositions that support contemplative practices. Please enjoy this gift.

Tracks include:

1. "Moola Prayer" from the album Om Deeksha mixed and compiled by Maneesh de Moor

This powerful Sanskrit prayer transports us to a place of surrender and devotion.

2. "Walking into the Himalaya to Meditate" from the album Tibetan Meditation Music by Nawang Khechog

The music of Nawang Khechog is intended to help us find peace, calm, compassion, and wisdom in our hearts and minds.

3. "Safe Delivery" from the album Shakuhachi Water Meditations by Riley Lee

Here is a traditional honkyoku (or "original pieces") that expresses the intensity of the experience of birth and the sense of gratitude felt after the safe delivery of one's child.

4. "Return to Peace" from the album Vibrational Sound Healing by Kimba Arem with Andrew Weil

Offered to inspire the activation of your inner guide and healer, use these sounds to facilitate relaxation, inspiration, and meditation.

5. "Immerse" from the album Tibetan Bowl Meditation by River Guerguerian

Award-winning multi-percussionist and composer River Guerguerian draws on his years of experience to create a powerfully meditative and deeply tranquil soundspace.

6. "Loveland" from the album Loveland by Jai Uttal and Ben Leinbach

'Loveland' lives inside all of us, explains Jai Uttal, and it is the place our dreams of peace and happiness come true.

7. "Compassion" from the album Signatures on Water by Maneesh de Moor

A serene composition inspired by the infinite compassion of the universe.

8. "Samadhi" from the album Kerala Dream by Shamans Dream

Shamans Dream blends the traditional art forms of Kerala, India, with the sounds of contemporary Western music.

9. "Ek Ong Kaar" from the album The Essential Snatam Kaur by Snatam Kaur

A Sanskrit chant celebrating unity and our shared source of creativity.